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Within the United Kingdom there are a number of regional Centres providing contacts between members and organising local events (see Contacts page in the Members Area). In addition TRCL has loose associations with the Pre-1940 Triumph Owners Club, the Triumph Razoredge Owners Club and the Mayflower Club, and from time to time combined events are held with one or more of these.
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The Triumph Roadster Club Limited (TRCL) is incorporated in the U.K. and governed by the laws of the U.K., and it has no operations overseas. However membership can be drawn from a world-wide base, albeit with certain restricted services in some parts of the world due to insurance difficulties. Members living overseas can maintain contact with the Club either directly or, in certain areas, through our overseas Correspondents as listed on the Contacts page in the Members Area.

Where there are sufficient members some Correspondents have their own private area groups such as Triumph Roadster Register Benelux. In North America the Club’s Correspondent, Mel Merzon, has established a group, Triumph Roadster Club of North America to facilitate communication between Roadster owners there. This has also used the term Affiliate as providing affiliation between its members, and neither it nor other overseas groups are affiliated to the Triumph Roadster Club Limited. Mel’s email address is shown on the Contacts page.

Miscellaneous entries on the Web:
There are a number of entries on the Internet referring to the Triumph Roadster Club/TRCL and to Regions and other groups relating to them, and in some cases they offer contact details. These entries often appear on the sites of magazines and other clubs or individuals, and are frequently either inaccurate or out of date and they are not part of the Club. The details on the Club’s web site are constantly updated and only these should be referred to when making contact or enquiries.

The Triumph Roadster Club Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England under No 6673901. Registered Office The Old Brew House NN12 8JB.
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